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I am excited to join the world of VW having just purchased for my lovely daughter a gorgeous 2007 Beetle Cabriolet Luna 1.6 engine beige.

Coming from the world of Merc and Audi, the VW has that 'German' feel and i'm keen to learn from you all !

The car drives lovely and nice and solid and is smoother than my Merc SL350 !
Overhall the ride is really nice, I know its a not a sports car and wouldn't compare it to my car, however its certainly fun to drive !

There are 3 things that I need to fix:
  • One reversing sensor is pushed in, looks like an aftermarket possibly. (should be easy to fix)
  • The drivers heated seat sometimes works, would this be the switch or the seat thats gone normally?
  • When I lock the car sometimes the drivers door does NOT LOCK. If I insert the key and turn it left and right, then remove the key and press the fob it will lock and unlock the drivers door as it should, but then seems to go back to not locking the drivers door after a few uses?
Thanks in advance.


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