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I just got a CD/MP3 Monsoon headunit that was manufactured in 9/04. I tried to use my cd changer auxin adapter that I was using on my old monsoon tapedeck. It would not work. It kept saying no cd or something like that. I then noticed that the pinout on the top of the new unit had a AUX R, AUX L, and a GND where the center green connector is. I took an 1/8th inch stereo adapter and broke some pins out of my old CD AUX IN adapter and made a new adapter that goes into the center section (green plug next to the blue cd changer plug). I used only the AUX L, AUX R, and GND and re-installed the radio. I use it with my belkin adapter that has a stereo 1/8th inch adapter and feed the end of the belkin into my IPOD. The hard part is finding the pins. You might be able to find something that will fit at Radio Shack. Now I can use my IPOD, listen to CD's or MP3 CD's or if I ever want to get a cd changer I can have it connected also. My CD/MP3 Headunit is the Monsoon without Sat. Radio.

Hope this helps.

Here is a picture:



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