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New Clutch needed? After New master/slave cylinder

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Hi Guys.

Dad was driving car, had trouble with clutch. Vehicle towed home.
Clutch went to floor, replaced both cluch slave and clutch master cylinder, lines and hoses with Genuine VW parts from Dealership. Bled clutch hydraulics, now clutch pedal feels like spaghetti. Clutch pedal returns to top every time, as expected. Bled multiple times, pushes plenty of fluid and no air bubbles.
So seems okay.

1.9L Diesel 5 Speed Manual, 2000 New Beetle. 152,000 miles. Factory clutch

Did one mores test. Pulled the slave cylinder and pushed on the plunger. Nice and firm resistance. Had my dad push the clutch pedal down against my hand on the slave cylinder. Plenty of pressure and good pedal feel. Had good resistance trying to put the slave cylinder back in the hole in the transmission. Had to squeeze the plunger down to install it.

Pushed against clutch fork when slave cylinder was out. Firm, no wobble on clutch fork.

1.9L Diesel 5 Speed Manual, 2000 New Beetle. 152 miles. FActory Clutch

Now with new master/slave cylinder installed, I can push the clutch to the floor and put in gear. Release clutch, but car does not move forward. Clutch follows my foot back up. not stuck to floor. Just feels like spagetti. Very little resistance.

So what do you think is going on?
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Hey, define "feels like spaghetti"? These hydraulic systems; can be VERY hard to seemingly, almost impossible to bleed correctly or fully! I use this tool; with excellent results:

Phoenix systems: reverse bleeder: V5 DIY Reverse Brake Bleeder

Brake Bleeders Archives - Phoenix Systems


The basics:

1. hydraulic issue
a. bleed system with reverse bleeder, to confirm correctly bled system

2. clutch/mechanical issue
a. how many miles on the clutch?
b. when was the last time it was replaced; ever or never?
c. how do you know; that the pressure plate has/hasn't failed?
d. did you check the clutch and pressure plate for damage and/or wear? If it is the original clutch; at 150k, it certainly could be due for a replacement!

A reverse hydraulic bleeder system; is amazing and will bleed any hard to bleed hydraulic system, it made bleeding the clutch on my 02 Turbo S with the 02M six speed a snap! That clutch; is known, for being hard to bleed! So, the cost of the Phoenix Systems reverse bleeder; is WORTH every penny! Amazon, has the best price it seems and with Prime, could be @ your house in days! :D
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For what it is worth, yours is doing what mine was doing and replaced the exact same parts.

Replacing the clutch fixed the problem.
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