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Hello All,

I have a 2003 Turbo GLX. About two years ago I had to replace the electric water pump and cooling fans. The installation went well and the new fan assembly worked great.

Fast forward to this past week. I had just finished replacing a vacuum line and after a day of use, the cooling fan fuses blew. The only thing that my daughter noticed was the A/C stopped working.

I checked the fans and was surprised to find that the screws used to mount the motors had come loose and fallen out of the left fan completely. Only two screws remained in the right fan. Keep in mind, these are the factory installed screws. I never touched them.

The left motor spun in the bracket. Tightly twisting the wires, all the way up to the motor, where the insulation was torn and the wires shorted. I pulled the fans and rewired the left motor. Not super easy since they are not designed to come apart.

I am writing this as a warning to all of you who put aftermarket fans in your Beetle. The screws holding the motors on my assembly from Napa are 5 mm X 20 MM. With only nuts and no lock washer or Loctite. I reinstalled the motors using 1/4-20 X 1 screws with flat washer, lock washer, AND Loctite.

I hope this helps and keeps someone from breaking down this summer.

Here are a few pictures I took during the repair.
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