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New from ohio

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Hello friends I just bit the bullet and bought my wife a 2000 turbo beetle! Being her dream car it's cool that every light on the dash is on lol only 149k miles and got it for 1700!!! Never owned a vw before because of all the "expensive" rumors but I'm sure I'll be referencing the site for new insight and tips while enjoying fixing it up for her thanks in advance for any help I can get have a great day yal!
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Welcome, from Texas. We are glad you found us.
Hello fellow Ohioan,

Get a scan at a parts store and see whats going on. It will point you in the right direction.

Then find a good independent VW guy, if you can't turn a wrench.

These cars can be a pita for us backyard type mechanics.

Good luck!
welcome Ohioian !! :wave3: from Toledo
If you are a DIY kinda guy; do yourself a favor and buy a cheap VW scan tool, then post up the codes that come up (check amazon.com for the Vgate VS450; for $50). You might start a new thread and go over all your problems with the car and we will do our best to help (the 1.8T section; might be a good place to start). Welcome to the site! :)
Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and thanks for posting a few photos so we can ORGle them!!
Welcome,glad you found us!
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