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New headlight assembly suggestions.

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Hi guys, Looking to replace the headlight assemblies in my 04 turbo-s and was seeking some suggestions and input from my fellow buggers. I am interested in something other than factory replacements. I do like the halo look and have seen a few different designs on eBay but I don't know the quality of them and most importantly just how bright they are and how well you can see. I am open to H.I.D,s but am ok with regular bulbs. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I'm in the same place, but have decided to stay with OE Hella headlights. Everything positive I have read (a lot) has been about the aesthetic value, which has no value when light output suffers (and it does, terribly). Furthermore, said reading has also informed me that build quality is poor and fitting/adjusting is worse.
I'm upgrading with a relay harness to get more power to the headlights; maybe I'll step up to a proper HID kit (projectors and all) in the future.
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