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New here. Longing for a NB, Looking for advice!

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Hi, all. So happy to find this board!

I've had a passionate crush on NB's since they first came out when I was graduating college. Didn't get one. Dreamt about driving up the coast of CA in a convertible NB for my honeymoon in 2003...couldn't find one to rent. Now I'm at the age where I can justify a midlife-crisis car. Dude, GIVE ME MY BEETLE!!

I'm just beginning the process of looking around, and would love some advice. I freely admit I don't know much about cars. Where to start? Dealers? Craig's List? How old to consider? What's an acceptable milage range on a used NB? Is there a milage threshold which I shouldn't consider (ie: anything over 80,000?) Are there cons to getting a convertible? What sorts of things are dealbreakers when considereing a used beetle??

My wish list is a pre-2010 convertable, automatic transmition. Light blue, cream, or green. What's a reasonable price for me to finally get my hands on one of these cuties? I've seen listings from $2000 to $10000 (which is way out of my range).

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If you know about out NB's, then you'll know that you don't find one, it finds you. The right one will "call out" to you. When it happens, you'll understand. :wink2:

Welcome to the Org, and Good Luck with your search! :)
Welcome! You'll find lots of useful information here and should be able to get your questions answered. Most are going to tell you at least two things. 1 Avoid the automatics because they go bad. 2 make sure the timing belt and water pump were changed and there is proof.

Now as for the automatics, there are many that have lasted a good long time just like there are many that have lasted only 100k miles. If you get one and it seems to have even the slightest issues with shifting, get the fluid changed pronto. VW says it doesn't need it but it will truly help to extend the life of it. If it does completely die, your only option is a new one which will not be cheap. I hope I didn't scare you with any of this but I know it'll come up at some point down the road.

Good luck on your search for a NBC! :banana:
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Look for a 08-10 with under 80,000 miles with a manual top and expect to pay 8-11 thousand dollars on it.
Here's why:
The above mentioned years have very good power plant the 2.5L i5 motor is almost bullet proof and produces 150 bhp.
But the 2.5L i5 in the 06 to mid year 07 engine has a history of premature cam chain follower failure.
The power tops are problematic across the model line and are best to be avoided completely!
The 2003-05 convertible beetles are almost imposable to find with a manual top.
I own a few Beetles one of them being a 2008 Beetle Convertible S with 70K miles a manual top and an automatic transmission and I love it!
It took about 6 months to find the right one at the right price. Take your time and you'll find the Beetle of your dreams.
Excellent advice!! Thank you so much- I knew none of that! An automatic is a must for me, unfortunately. I don't know how to drive stick.
That advice from Gustav is accurate if you want a convertible NewBeetle. Of course you could also consider a 12+ beetle, in which case I would recommend a tdi.
If I decide to not go for a convertible, would the same year recommendations (2008-2010) apply?
Not necessarily, especially if you can drive a manual transmission. I have a 2000 diesel 5 speed manual. I get 50mpg and 700 miles per tank.
I second that, if you go for an older model, you could get a TDI where the engine should out last the car. Only problem with the older ones is finding one in good shape that wasn't abused.

The 2.5 is a good engine as was said before. Of course the best option would be a 12+, but I understand that may be out of reach for you as you said $10k is above your max.

Just know if you do go for a convertible, try and stay with the newer years. Hard top is fair game.
I recommend the same if its a convertible or a hardtop, if an automatic is must. late model automatic transmissions are a little better than the early 98-mid 07 Beetles.
01-05 TDi and 2.0L Beetles are great if you can drive a manual if not steer clear of them in automatic!
98/99 Beetles are full of electrical gremlins and should be avoided in less you're comfortable working on your own Beetle.
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