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Hi all, pretty new to the VW world, this is my son's (he is 17) 2000 1.8 Turbo 5 speed. Picked it up earlier this year ($1600) just standard yellow no decals. I took it to work when I first got it and got soooo many oh that is soooo cute! comments.

After those comments I realized I had to make it a lil more manly lol. I had fun with the decals & stripes, changed the Headlights and Tail lights plus got the windows tinted new tires, brakes etc..

Lots of small things to do on this car, as it was not well maintained, it is a super fun car to drive and way faster than my daily driver (2000 Honda Accord 2.3). Super jealous of my son lol

I will post my questions over in the 1.8 Turbo portion of the forum, I just wanted to introduce myself and the car 馃榿

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