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New member, please help me save my beetle!

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Hi everyone, I have a 2004 beetle which has a bad leak, I think it must be coming through the sunroof but the water is leaking through the interior on the roof above the driver side and at the back of the roof dripping on the back seats. It has been running fine and until I had the money to get the issue fixed I covered the roof with plastic........went to start car today (1week later) and it is completely dead :( the dash lights flash and it beeps 3 times but no engine action! The battery is new so shouldn't be that....do you think water has leaked into the engine? Can my beetle be saved?? Any tips greatly appreciated....
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On the roof leak, it may be the drain holes are clogged for the sunroof. I had the same problem. Ran a length of heavy gauge wire through the front drain holes from up above (they are hard to find; but are buried up in the front corner of the opening when you open the sunroof). I also took off the front trim panels where the tiny front speakers are (not the dash, the ones beside the front windshield) so I could run the wire from there where the drain tube meets another tube that goes down and out the front of the car. The back drains are easier. When you open the back hatch there are two plastic round black caps up top on either side of the inside of the hatch. Pull those caps off and there are rubber flanges. Just shove the wire into the center of the rubber flange (hate to sound gross; but it looks like a little rubber vagina, you have to aim right into the center slit). When I opened the ends of those flanges, water poured out. Seems the heat and guck had sealed them closed. I've had no water issue since. As far as the not turning over part, I don't know. Could be any number of problems.

I believe when I did my drains, I posted pics on my thread called "My Iggy." Should be able to find them there. Hope it helps.

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Could also be that the drain lines have come off. Where its dripping sounds like where the drain lines connect to the sunroof.

What lights flash on the dash when you try to start it?
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