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I just bought a NB last weekend and it needs some minor work. Pardon me ahead of time, but I know nothing about cars. So I went to google for help and now you guys (girls)...I plan in taking the car to a mechanic in a month once I finish up summer classes. I found a good mechanic, but he's a 2 hour drive so I might have to stay in town overnight. I kind of want to have a idea what's going on before I go to him though.

1. How can I tell if the timing belt/water pump has been changed? I checked under the hood and there's a huge belt on the left side that looks new. Is this the timing belt? Where's the water pump? It's at 103k so I know I should do it if it hasn't been done.

2. My car is creaky. While turning and over bumps. It has sat for about 5 months but I don't think that's why. Is this rusty/worn bushings? Shocks?

3. I've got the slow windows problem. I know what it's going to take to fix it. But do they have to replace the motor or regulator in both sides or is it one for all?

4. Any one know of a good mechanic in the Iowa/Chicago Land/Northern Indiana area? I've heard good things about Lichty in Waterloo so that's where I'm planning on going.

5. Should I just turn around and sell this car? I didn't realized there were so many problems when I bought it, but I do love it. I'm a college student and I'm not sure I can afford to drive it, if it's full of problems. I've got $1K to do the repairs now but I'm going to be broke after that.
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