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Hey everyone,

This past weekend I helped my girlfriend pick out a rare find. At a local used-car dealership we found a 2005 Dark Flint Grey New Beetle with only 37,xxx miles on it. The car was in impeccable condition, the attention to detail on this model was too much to pass up. The red leather seats and wheels were really a deal breaker for me. We managed to get it for 11k out the door. What are you guys thoughts on that deal? Also, the driver side headlight lens came off somehow while driving? The actual plastic part came off, exposing the bulbs. Based on reading past threads I guess its a common issue. My question is how should I go about replacing the lens. Should I go with a complete new headlight or try to find just the plastic lens cover? And another little issue came up with the radio not working as well. Every station that you turn to is just all static. I mean with the car being used I expected little flaws here and there. I'll be posting pictures of this beauty when the weather here in Chicago clears up.


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Hey, congrats on the new beetle; you can look up the value of he car in your area on a number of sites (Kelly and nada come to mind).

On the headlight lens; they used to sell them separately, at one point but they were so expensive, it is more cost effective to replace the whole assembly. You might replace them both?; so they match and sell the good one on eBay to recoup your costs.

With the radio reception issue; I would make sure, the antenna plug is connected to the back of the head unit; the antenna base are known for leaking and grounding out, failing (they are powered).

To remove the head unit; you need some special removal tools; that you can purchase online, very cheaply.


You can run a basic diagnosis; through the head unit itself, which can tell you if the antenna is being seen by the radio. This worked on my 2002 New Beetle; it may or may not, work on your 2005 but it is worth a try.

Checking antenna connections, electrically
through radio
– Switch radio ON.
– Press and hold balance button for approx.
ten seconds.
♦ 3CPT7 will appear in display (numbers may
vary and are not important)
– Press CD mode button.
♦ 020.I will appear in display (software version
numbers may vary)
– Press CD mode button again.
♦ FERN OFF / ON will appear in display
FERN = amplified antenna.
If FERN ON appears:
Antenna and connections are OK.
If FERN OFF appears:
Radio may not be coded correctly for
amplified antenna.
– Check for proper coding of radio, see coding
♦ When radio is coded according to this table
FERN is operational.
If radio is coded correctly and FERN OFF
appears, then antenna and connections are
not OK.
– Check antenna and connections ⇒ page 3

More info here: http://personalpages.tds.net/~luvail/v919911.pdf

Here is a good thread; about diagnosing the problem:


I would also; scan the car for trouble codes and see if there is a code for the antenna or radio/head unit. To do this; you will need a Volkswagen specific scanner/code reader. There are some very affordable code readers on amazon in the $20 to $200 range, (VS450 low end; foxwell NT500 mid range) or go the high end VW factory level scan tool $250-$350 (VCDS by Ross Tech). Even if you do not see yourself repairing the car; a basic VW code reader, can save you thousands of dollars in diagnostics fees and if you decide to attempt diy repairs, it will help you diagnose, clear codes and help you complete the repair process. To work on these cars; it is pretty much mandatory, to have a code reader, to scan the car for trouble codes and to clear the codes as well. The advanced scan tools; can show you "live data"; which will help diagnose more complex problems in the future.



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