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New New Beetle Owner

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Hello all! Glad to be a part of this community, looks like a great place to enjoy, share, and seek advice! I am a first time owner of these cars and am looking forward to enjoying it for a long time.

My bug is a 2008 Salsa Red Convertible SE. Looking for any tips in keeping it in tip top shape!



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Welcome! Looks great! Only thing I can recommend is a transmission fluid and filter change. :)
Beautiful! Congrats! :party:
Thanks guys! Will be looking into that trans. fluid change. The car was VERY well taken care of and I plan to keep it that way. All fluids look good so far, another question I have is: the manual states that it is recommended that we do a brake fluid flush and fill every 2 years regardless of miles...Is this something owners do? It's a first i've heard of it having owned US makes. Just wanted to see how others have approached that part of the maintenance.
Forgot to add that it is at 37,000 miles currently....really was a lucky find! :)
Some owners forget, but it really should be done.
And that is a great find! Please take some more pictures!
Here are a few, waiting for a nice warm day so I can get some interior shots! :cool: Thinking about going whitewalls when it comes time for new tires although I'd love to make some of those steelies with the dog dish hubcaps!


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The wife finally decided on a name :) We welcomed Allie to the family. Having a blast so far with her!
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