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2007 Laser Blue Automatic 5cyl - 2.5L
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Hi all!

Wanted a beetle ever since the 98' came out, but until now never had the need: we either lived in countries/cities with amazing public transport where we just didnt need a car, or somewhere where you need a 4x4 or at least AWD to even leave the house. Now finally needed a second car, but it didn't have to be performance, so I got my dream! :love:

Meet Bessie (any classical Dr. Who fans out here?)!

The husband never understood my obsession with the Bug, not until we took one on a test drive, that is. So now, to stop him from stealing it from me, will have to make Bessie the ultimate girl car 馃槀

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Bessie looks lovely, I've also got the bug bug and a fair few of beetle owners traveling the opposite side of the road give me a frantic wave that always gives me a smile

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Beautiful Bug! Welcome to the Org!
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