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What's everyone working on right now, or hope to get done soon?

I've had my 00' for two weeks, nd in the first two got everything done mechanical/performance wise.
All fluid changes, adjustments, etc.
Right now I'm working on styling. My bug came with quite a bit of damage.

I'm trying to do this as budget friendly as possible.
I've painted my badges black, front was a cheap plastic one that was glued on, rusted down to the bone. Black was the only color I Had, and I'm a lover of cars with blacked out- everything. I also hella did not feel like taking apart half the trunk assembly to get the emblem off, so I ghetto rigged the hell out of it! No doubt that the front badge will fall off soon. But, I'm starting my new job within the next couple of weeks so I'll be able to buy all non-necessary things eventually.

I know its a 17 year old car, but damn was the previous owner reckless. Looks like he tried to get around by doing what he that were easier ways
(i.e not taking off whole door panel to get to the wires, and prying holes in the middle part instead.) So I found some epoxy here at home, hoping to fill the holes.
I should of taken a better pic but I forgot. The rivets in the back of the door panel to hold everything in place are ALL broken off. So, I also found some resin that I'm going to make new ones with.
Wish me luck because I'm 101% amateur at this. This is even my first car, let alone my first interior repair!
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