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New speakers?

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I have a 2010 Beetle. I updated the stereo to an Alpine UTE 52BT, so I could use bluetooth and have access to a USB port for charging. Also has a removable faceplate, but I've grown tired of removing it whenever I stop some place, so I just leave it in.

I know nothing about speakers. Know very little about installing anything on my Beetle. Even the stereo, I only half did until I got stumped and had to go to Best Buy for them to finish the installation.

So... what speakers are recommended for an upgrade? My music taste varies, so something that sounds well with most genres would be ideal. Preferably something I can buy through Crutchfield or locally (MA) and have them install the speakers for me.
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The original stereo was the original stereo that the car came with. Been nearly a year since I swapped them out, so can't recall what it was exactly. Have it in a box somewhere though.

It still has the original speakers.

Though I've been rethinking upgrading the speakers recently. Honestly, although I do love my little Beetle, it's not the car I really want. Have been considering trading it in towards what I really want. Plus with my new job, I only listen to 1-2 songs between home and work, so I wouldn't get much use out of upgraded speakers.

So still on the fence on the speaker upgrade. Depends on how much longer I plan on holding onto the car.
Better off just waiting for the new vehicle. Don't start ripping stuff out of the Beetle.
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