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Hi all-
Thank you for any help in advance. I am considering buying this car for my 16 year old daughter and fixing it up for her. She loves this car.
I am concerned that all the lights are on, on the dash (see picture). The car also makes a dinging noise when driving, after taking foot off of the brake. I will have to replace both door panels and some other cosmetic issues.
Its a 2003 with 103k miles. Any thoughts?
Sorry, I don't know why the photos are upside down.


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How much are they asking for the car and what engine does it have? The primary expensive repair issues are: convertible top problems, wear/tear and automatic transmissions failing. If you are unfamiliar with these cars; I would have a professional shop, check out the car from head to toe; preferably a shop that specializes in Volkswagens. It is easy; to spend more on repairs than the car is worth; if you do the work yourself, you can save allot of money. If the transmission; has hard shifting issues, this can get expensive quick! The typical problems; are the valve body wears out and causes intermittent shifting problems. The convertible tops; have problems with switches failing, causing the top to not close and the rear window, coming unglued. You need to evaluate; the things that need repaired, how long you want to keep the car and how much work, you are willing to do yourself... to keep it on the road. If after the professional inspection; you decide to purchase the car, let us know and we will do our best to help support your restoration project! :)
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Thank you for the response. I can get it for $1800.
It didn't have shifting issues when I drove it other than the dinging, dinging sound it drove really well.
I do not know about me doing the work, I am a high school teacher and single Mom and not mechanically inclined. I do have friends willing to help me though. I am just really nervous.
Well, that sounds really cheap but there could be a lot wrong with the car, at that price. If you are hell bent on buying the car; PLEASE, have a professional look at the car before purchasing it and see what they tell you is wrong with it. While, I am not trying to pry; do you have the money to drop a substantial amount of money in the car for repairs? All of us here; LOVE our Volkswagen New Beetle but they can cost quite a bit of time, money and effort to repair. If you have "friends"; that are willing to help fix the car, how deep are they willing to go? If you are a single mom; very busy and do not have the time, ability or money to fix things, I would probably not recommend taking on a project car like this.

IF your primary concern; is reliable transportation for your daughter, I would look at a honda civic or toyota corolla. German cars; require maintenance and attention, you can't just ignore them like a japanese car.

I am not trying to be negative but these cars, can have problems that require allot of work to repair. Any 12 year old car with over 100k; will need work and Volkswagens are not different! :) There must be a reason; they are selling the car for so cheap! :cool:
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One expensive fix I see right off the bat is the convertible top. The window glue appears to have failed, a common problem. I just had a new top installed on my 2003, it cost $1,300, and that is buying it on line and having it installed by an upholstery shop. The stealership would probably be over $2,000.
I love my car, and hate to discourage you from this purchase, but I agree with billymade, have it checked out first. There is so much that could be wrong.
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