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My name's Greg and my girlfriend just got a 99 beetle from her brother in law. it's in pretty rough shape as it was salvaged and rebuilt but it's only temp for her to drive to school and then get a new car in 3 years. However I'm having trouble with the car so I'm hoping to get some advice from you guys and looking forward to learning a lot about this car!
If anything for now, because it's been de-badged, how can I tell exactly what model it is. I know the engine says 2.0 but that's all i can tell. Has 4 disc breaks, hand roller windows, and alloy rims. seems like it has extras but also basics, kinda odd.
Thanks in advance guys. have a great day!
WELCOME to newbeetle.org :)
Post some interior/exterior pix so we can help you identify your beetle.
You can call your local VW dealers parts department with your vin number too. From the vin number they can at least tell you what your beetle was ORIGINALLY.

Best of luck with your new beetle:D

Huuuummmm?? What city/ state are you in?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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