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New to forums and need emotional support!

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I bought my bug exactly two years ago today. Growing up it was my dream car. I had the opportunity to buy one and of course I did. I love love love her.

Except when something goes wrong.

I joined because I need to talk to others that understand--I don't know anyone else who really does.
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Well, first of all; welcome to the .org! At the foundation of this site; is a group of supportive and helpful members, who have probably have experienced at one time or another, whatever you are currently going through with your New Beetle. :) This at its core; is the primary strength of the site, while no one person "knows it all"; our collective experiences can usually help people with their new beetle problems. So, post up current issues; in the correct area and we will do our best to help! Once again; welcome and we are all here, to support one another... in our quest, to keep your Beetles on the road! :cool:
Thank you!

I feel like I'm getting played, so I'm glad I found this place!
Well, start a new thread; post up your problems and we will do our best to help! :)
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