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Just purchase a 2000 Beetle for my daughter.
Interesting issues when I got it home:
Smelled like burning oil when running. Fix: glued a cracked plastic oil filler neck on the engine valve cover - smell is gone.
Replaced the center dash with the failing rubber like finish that looked all scuffed up. Also used solvent to remove the rubbery coating from the inside door handles and other small interior parts. Interior look good now.
Replaced a door-lock switch and window switch - being a heavily optioned car I suspect I will always be wrestling with small electrical issues.
Replaced all the OE plastic framed speakers with metal aftermarket ones. Three of the plastic OE speakers had failed with the magnet detached and sitting in the bottom of the body panels. Looks like three of them had been replaced previously and had failed again. I cut the wire connectors off the old speakers and attached them to the new aftermarket speakers avoiding splicing wires in the doors and rear panels. Also used aftermarket one inch speaker extension rings and made foam gasket surrounds for the speakers so they would properly seal against the inside door fascia minimizing cabin road noise.
Added an I-Pod interface to the stock radio. Nice item allows some control of I-Pod through the radio’s controls.
I can understand why the previous owner sold the car as if one is not willing to do the above stuff in the driveway it would cost a lot to have a shop do it.
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