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new vehicle to me.

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My first post. Be gentle. lol.
I just purchased an obviously used 2002 bug. 2002, 2.0l gas, auto.
While not overly impressed with the mileage thus far, (don't know what it is, but I can watch the gauge go down on my 20+ mile drive to /fro work.

Anyway, it's got just over 77 k on it from previous owner. (little old lady.......only drove it during the UGH winter).

My question is.............how often/what is the scheduled maintenance for replacing the timing belt on this little toy engine?

Also, can the automatic transmission fluid be replaced/changed/flushed?

Is it possible to have the PCM reflashed/upgraded for better mileage?
I've already pulled the spark plugs, and while they DO look original, they were in very good shape.
Air cleaner is new, fresh oil change.

I also saw where someone asked the best place to purchase VW tuneup/replacement parts. I didn't see an answer tho.

Sorry for so many questions. Only been a week, but I'm lovin' this bug. (my first 'foreign car'. LOL.

tks, Steve
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Do you know if the WP/TB has been done? If not, the miles are within range, but the belt is 12 years old. That is the first thing you should do. :eek:

Sounds like you have an idea about this. Thank you for adopting this New Beetle. :party:

I like to say, The New Beetle is so much fun, it should be illegal! :D

Welcome to the Org, and thanks for joining us! :wave2:

We also have a page at Facebook, called "The Collective". Look for us there, too! :)
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First, these engines are "interference" engines, so if the timing belt breaks, you'll crash the pistons into the valves causing severe engine damage!

There are several places online that sell "kits" to do the timing belt job. You'll need a special tool to do the timing belt tensioner (about $20 online). The parts included in my kit were:

timing belt
timing belt tensioner
accessory belt
VW coolant (don't mix coolant types in these cars!)
new bolts for the engine mount (stretch bolts)
water pump

If you look around on this site, you should be able to find a "how to change timing belt" guide. The tricky bits are getting the engine mount in/out and getting the timing belt tensioner adjusted correctly.
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