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Hey all. Just acquired a 1999 Beetle for my daughter and need some help with parts. This is our family's first New Beetle so any help is appreciated. The car is a little neglected so I am need of some pieces to put it back together. I have just replaced Water pump, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, and tensioner stud as it was bent.

I am looking for:

1) light grey center console with arm rest
2) stock shifter knob
3) Pass side window regulator
4) front lower grill with fog light holes that hasnt been
destroyed from curb banging... royal blue color would be
awesome (no need for immediate paint)
5) Top engine cover for 2.0
6) Lower engine cover (dam)
7) Possibly a clean royal blue hood. (this one has some dents
and might not be able to straighten from location.
8) Plastic hood release pull

Big enough list for now. Like I said it has been neglected and am trying to make it right again. Shipping parts would be to 43231 or if close enough I could pick up.

BTW....if anyone is in need of a good water pump kit, for a 2.0, I found a pretty good deal. Water pump with metal impeller, timing belt & tensioner pully, cam seal, 4 motor mount bolts, serpentine belt, and something I am sure I am forgetting for $175. Shipping included. All new items not reman.

Thanx for any help.
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