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next VW project

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Hey guys its me again and I'm here for a little help more like some ideas. Of course my current bug is awsome and I have fun modding it , but I also like to think ahead of future projects. In the beginning of next year ill be purchasing a brand new 2015 beetle turbo which will be my second VW , and of course I'm keeping my current bug. Lately I have no idea or what theme I should go with. I already have a black on black theme with my current bug, so I wanna try something different maybe a different color, bagged or coilovers, adding extra power, and even different type of wheels. I know it's next year but it will be here before you know, so I would like to get a jump start on it so I will know what to get. So if anybody has a 2012 and on beetle share some ideas and then I can get the brain working on one of the baddest beetles around and then I'll post some pictures once it's done. Thanks.
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Welcome to the great and wonderful ORG! Many fantastic cars, people and answers lurk in this great land. If you haven't done so already, take time to fill in your profile and post a few photos so we can ORGle them!!

There are numerous 12+ around and the possibilities are endless. I am seeing many more sites on the web dedicated to them. Take a look at the link below for "The Collective" page on Facebook and join us there too!
thank you

thanks for that now another question what can I expect from the 2.0 turbo motor and since I never had a turbocharged car before let alone a car with more than 200hp and dealing with the DSG transmission which I'm getting what is the difference?
The 2.0 should run a little smoother than your 2.5 ( leave it to the Germans to make an engine with an odd number of cylinders.) Once the turbo is spun up it will accelerate much quicker than your 2.5.

In normal driving you won't see a difference between a DSG and a regular automatic transmission, But the DSG allows for paddle shifters and quicker upshifts or downshifts than the 6 speed automatics did in select shift mode.

The DSG's have an oil filter and require a fluid and filter changed every 40,000 miles.
thanks for the info

thanks for that I'll keep that in mind and by the way here are a few more pictures of my current bug


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