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No a/c...coolings fans blow fuse Please help!

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I have a 99 beetle and currently having some issues. I just bought the car a week ago and only one cooling fan has been working and ac won't blow cold. The clutch actually kicks on..on the compressor and it's got freon. Heres the kicker...what I found was the second fan wasn't kicking on because it was unplugged at the pigtail. So I plugged it up and second fan works. The downfall to that is it blows the fuse on top of battery shortly after after kicking on. Even when I can keep it from blowing so soon
....im not sure the fans kick on like they are suppose to when im driving. They do when I turn the air on if I can keep fuse from blowing but air still won't blow cold with both fans going and fuse not blowed and system full of freon. Please help, I need a/c and my fans working to. I don't want to have to unplug second fan and run around on one in order for fan to work right. Plus I need some a/c in this hot weather and I just can't figure this out. Could this be a fan control module problem or something else? Any help would be much appreciated :) Thanks...
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