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I just bought a 2000 Beetle GLS 1.8T for my wife. I was told that the ecm was replaced so I brought it to PRIME VW in saco, me which by the way they are awesome. They reprogrammed the ecm and the cluster but was unable to get the speedometer, tach, or gas gauge to work. They ran out of time on friday but only charged me for 1 hour after trying for 3 hours..

The next step they said they would remove the cluster and check the traces on the circuit board. about an hour of labor. The service manager told me that if I can find a re manufactured instrument cluster he could re program it to my ecm for 1 hour ($90) labor.

Things I have done:

Checked all fuses, Noticed that the fuse box on top of the battery has one of the fuse holders melted.. But I tested the connectivity and it works.

WHAT SHOULD I DO?????? :(:confused:

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cluster could be shot, had mine replaced once before with similar problems. sometimes a reseat will do it and it would work fine. see if they can just pop the cluster and re seat it.
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