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No start condition after replacing Crankshaft sensor / PLEASE HELP

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2002 Beetle 2.0 Liter. Had a no start condition and getting a crankshaft sensor code and a catalytic converter malfunction code. I replaced sensor and motor fired right up. Next day would not start, tried two hours later fired right up and I drove it for over an hour. 20 minutes later no start condition again. I figured it was a bad sensor, the only code it was throwing was a cyclinder #1 misfire. I replaced sensor yesterday and motor started right up. Drove it all day with no issues. Just went outside (it rained last night) and car wont start. 115,000 miles but looks and runs like a brand new car. Just bought it for my daughter two weeks ago. It tries to start but just wont. Same exact situation as before. Any ideas from anyone? I can pretty much fix anything but sorta lost right now and have no idea what to do. Thank You for taking the time in helping me, these forums are so helpful. Sincerely, David (Victorian Farms)
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What codes; are you getting now (if any)? I would try cleaning the throttle body; adapting the throttle body and test the fuel pressure. We seem to be getting allot of failing fuel pumps, around here, lately.
You can look up fuel pressure testing procedures here: http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/

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I wouldn't assume that the engine speed sensor (the one beside the oil filter, not the one on the automatic transmission) wasn't the problem after trying just one. When I replaced mine it took 3 tries to get one that worked. The first had the intermittent no-start like you describe. The second didn't work at all. The third time I tried Bosch brand and it has worked fine. So if your replacement wasn't Bosch, I would try one and if it was Bosch, I would try a different one just to be sure.

On the sensor that had the intermittent no-start I could usually get the car to start after a few tries. Crank the engine just long enough to tell if it is going to start normally. If it doesn't, stop and wait 10 seconds and try again. It would start within 4 tries. Also, there was no stumbling or rough running; it would either run right or not at all.
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What part number and brand, crank sensor are you buying and installing?

16705/P0321/000801 - Ross-Tech Wiki
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