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Two weeks ago, 2001 2.0 AZG motor running awesomely, parked in the driveway and then next morning...no start no spark. Changed the crank sensor, no difference, changed it again, still no difference. Eventually checked the posts on my original sensor, 900 ohms. Checked for indexing at the coil input for spark with noid light nothing. Checked at each injector, noids and index perfect.
So chased some wiring and swapped a used ECM. Still no spark no start.

No codes, VAG.

So taking advice from my previous post i changed the ignition switch, started right up. Took the original switch apart and found terminal 75 slightly, and I mean slightly brown but nothing obviously burnt or melted. Two days later, car wouldn't start in the morning, hot day, once sun shined on the car, started right up. Yesterday same thing once sun shined on the car for a bit it started. Today... cloud 70 no sun, no start all day.

Pulled the ignition switch, smelled a little burnt so I brought it back "lifetime warranty" exchanged, still no start.

So either the car only runs in the sun and heat, which is a problem in Wisconsin, or there are little German Gremlins running around messing with me.

Any suggestions? Otherwise I am taking it to the import shop for $105 an hour diagnose.

No NB Yellow Trifecta :(
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Off the top of my head; if my NB had no spark, I would look into the following ...

1) Crank/RPM Sensor (you did this)
2) CAM Sensor
3) Coil Pack and Control Module
4) Spark Plugs and Wires
5) Ignition Switch (you did this)
6) Fuse box on top of the battery

The clue may be the temp issue; perhaps you have condensation forming where it should not, which might be causing an arc to ground somewhere.
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