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:) I have several things I'm trying to sell and it's not working on ebay. First of all, Beanie Babies. I will negotiate prices. they are in groups and I can tell you the names and animal if you are interested, pm me if you are. i have at least 60-70 beanies. all in mint condition and a plastic protective cover on the Ty Tag all in awesome shape. smoke-free environment. always well taken care of!

2, i have books for sale, such as Lord of the Rings books, 3 seperate physical books, psm magazines.

i am going to go thru my closet for clothes i can sell that I can't wear.

4, my favorite, i wrote a book im 20/f/ky and i wrote a book! i'll tell you more about it, it's about a mermaid and a pirate. her life and his life how they connect and it's geared toward younger teens ,but anyone can enjoy it! i love it!

you can buy it online at this address: www.lulu.com/kathysworld

it is copyrighted and registerd so dont think about stealing it! please pm me on here or send a private message on yahoo messenger to: [email protected]

thanks!!! :p
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