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Sorry to drag up a 5 year old post, but I think this may have answered a question that I have? Can anyone confirm?

I want to replace the speakers in my front doors, was originally going to go for a component system, but in all honesty I cant be bothered with wiring in crossovers etc etc, so I was hoping I could just replace my door speakers and continue running the in situ tweeters in the a pillars?

So I have already replaced my HU with an Alpine unit and the tweeters still work fine, so if I replaced my door speakers what would I need to continue using the exisiting tweeters? If they are already pre-wired from the wiring loom at the back of the HU I am guessing that they will continue to work regardless? Is that about right? So I could just replace the door speakers with something aftermarket, if so what would you suggest? Mid range speakers or coaxial speakers??

Thoughst suggestions?

Essentially I just want to replace the door speakers with a like for like soilution, but that is better quality than the OEM speakers currently in there, without the need for additional wiring etc etc etc.

Thanks in advance, James.
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