Mileage:220000 KM
Breaks my heart to let go of my beetle but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I'd rather sell it to someone who has the time and money to get it running again instead of hauling to the dump.

2002 Yellow automatic TDI beetle with a little over 220k miles. Located in Orange County California

It's non-op due to needing a replaced fuel injection seal (after taking it to 2 different mechanics). I'm moving across the country for the year and don't have the extra funds or the know-how to do it myself. I've posted a couple forums previously and others have chimed in stating that the cost is exponentially lower to do it yourself. If I had a place to store it non-op for the year while I'm gone I would not be letting her go.

I've done a lot of work on it over the years as I've owned it for about 12 years now and it was my first car that I bought from the original owner.
Transmission swapped 2015, alternator replaced 2019, battery replaced just before it stopped running earlier this year, fuel filter replaced this year (thought this was the problem before figuring out it was the fuel injection seal), New bluetooth radio installed with microphone for calls (all wires hidden), sunroof works great, felt dash cover always used so in good shape, all dash buttons work well, no smoking in car ever, I have painted eye-lids for the car but they have not been attached, have always had oil changed every 5k miles, stored/parked in garage most its life. (Garage space I pay for is now taken up by my 71 otherwise that's where it would be instead of selling).

The stuff I haven't had a chance to repair: I want to be as transparent as possible since I don't want to mislead anyone, she does need work if you want to get back to 100% which is reflected in the price.
Small dent on the hood from falling object in garage but otherwise clean, mild surface scuffs, original rims that VW emblem has fallen off of with some scuffs, Door handles are gone, window switches on drivers side swapped as window regulators likely need to be replaced, mirror adjustment knob broken and needs to be replaced, arm rest lid broken and armrest itself falls, trunk does not open but still reacts to switch, paint job is 20 years old- clear coat is starting to flake in some areas, end of hood latch broken (still works), NO power breaks (did not consider this worth repairing when it went out since I have another car without power breaks and was fine with it, it's not a heavy car but it can be surprising if you're used to power breaks)
Did run perfectly well with all the stuff listed above until the fuel injection went out.

Happy to answer any questions from anyone seriously interested. Will consider offers but fairly firm as this is what I was quoted to part her out. Buyer will have to pick up or pay for towing.

Photos show small dent on hood, scuffs, and broken end of hood hatch. Can get more photos of specific areas for interested parties.