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link to ad (text of ad below)

1998 VW Beetle AWD Rally Car
Complete running car or part out if can't sell complete

I built and rallied this car in '00 - '04. It has seen a little street use since then, but that's about it. I can't afford to race this anymore and need to sell it. It would make a great 'fun' street car if you can tolerate only two seats and extra noise! To race it again it would need a couple roll cage updates, current seat belts, and definitely some 'fluff and buff' work.

The car has a valid SCCA rally logbook, so it is grandfathered in. Any cage mods needed for rally can be discussed as part of sale
I'm removing the Terratrip stuff prior to sale - it's not included.

The all wheel drive system is from a VW Passat G60 Syncro. The engine is an AEB 1.8t from an Audi with a Turbonetics T3/4 hybrid ceramic bearing turbo, a large Spearco intercooler, all aluminum IC plumbing, a Greddy R blow off valve, an Autronic SM2 engine management system, a Turbonetics wastegate, a cast steel turbo manifold, a Euro big runner intake manifold ($$), and more.

The suspension consists of Bilstein Motorsport front struts with special valving, Bilstein Motorsport coil-overs in the rear with special valving.

There's an ATL 22 gallon fuel cell with a custom 3-door aluminum surge tank and Bosch 044 fuel pump inside. All the fuel lines are braided stainless steel with aluminum AN fittings.

I have the original Beetle wheels and tires with ~5,000 miles on them, a spare rear differential, several suspension spring combinations for the front. I have a spare rear hatch, a spare (silver) bumper front bumper fascia, a new, unused fiberglass lightweight hood, and a brand new passenger side rocker/sill to replace the damaged one. I still have many of the interior plastic pieces. I also have lots of miscellaneous spares such as ignition coil packs, CV parts, a couple different A/R turbine housings (a big one for no turbo restrictor and a small one for use with restrictor) and I don't even remember what else.
Part out prices:
Syncro AWD system (rear subframe, diff, axles, center driveline, transaxle and front halfshafts) - $2000 obo
AEB 1.8t 20v engine with intake manifold, flywheel and clutch, and turbo exhaust manifold - $2000 obo
ATL 20+ gallon fuel cell - $250
NO seats in car currently
Factory 16" VW alloy wheels with stock original tires at 85% tread - $350 obo
Autronic SM2 engine management system - $1500

Here is a link to a video of the car:

AWD VW New Beetle rally clip - YouTube

(more pics in the actual ad)

It looks a little hodgepodge but most of the hard work has been done and it sounds like someone with the knowhow could make it into an awesome car to throw around.
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