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Nurse Diesel's new ride!!

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Pictures of my new baby!

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Awesome! Can we see a picture of the dash and seats? My favorite color currently being offered. Similar to the blue from the 60's but not quite the same. Isn't it called denim? Nice car! I want the sMe one with manuals transmission!
Congrats on the new vert. Thats one pretty Beetle.

yes, it is Denim blue. The seats are black with a solid insert and a carbon fiber look to the outside. it is really pretty in person. Got to ride in it at a gtg. :)

That's her new 2015 1.8 turbo vert. We picked her up Jan 10 and didn't tell anyone until the Coney Island GTG on 24 Jan. She is surprisingly quick even with the smaller engine and kept up with Manfred on the ride down I-75 to Coney Island. Now that we have the brand new k40 RADAR detector we can see how fast she will really go. Her name is SkyyBug for now and Wifey just loves her.
Looking good! :)
Another Pic

Shot of Nurse Diesel at the beach in SkyyBug in front of Manfred


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Very nice, Teresa-Congrats!
I'm late to the party but congrats :)
Verrrrry nice, Teresa! Very happy for ya. Big congrats on finding SkyyBug...quite a looker.
More pics, please! :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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