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My car in its final form before I sold it

Old Look c. 2007

Old Look c. 2005
Pro Pics courtesy of Jeff Wilson (www.jw-photo-com)

Here are my mods as of Friday, March 28, 2008.

Cosmetic Mods:

*18x8.5 BBS CH wheels(summer)
*H&R 10mm spacers (rear)
*Clear front turn signals
*European Blue/White badges
*Turbo script badge on hatch
*GPA Aluminum trim rings
*Forge Motorsport stubby antenna
*Audi TT pedals (auto)
*Turbo S dead pedal
*2-tone interior (black leather seating, tan carpeting)
*Custom boost gauge pod
*Custom Front Valance by John @ Eurojet
*Home made All-Red tail lights

Performance Mods:

*Black Forest Industries Stg.2 Polyurethane dogbone mount bushings
*Techtonics Tuning 2.5" cat-back
*No-Name 2.5" downpipe with high-flow cat
*Dahlback Diverter Valve (polished)
*Braided Stainless Brake Lines
*Hawk HPS Brake Pads
*Eibach Pro-Kit springs
*Bilstein Sport Shocks/Struts
*Neuspeed 25mm front swaybar
*O-bar rear swaybar
*225-40-18 Kumho SPT tires
*Turbo S fender liner
*GIAC 1.0-bar chip
*VF Engineering Engine Mounts
*Short-Ram intake
*Forge Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose/pipe
*Newsouth Performance intake manifold phenolic gasket (not installed)
*"Signal Scoop" custom air scoop and turn signal
*TyrolSport New Beetle Upgraded Side-Mount Intercooler (UGSMIC) (first production unit ever)
*Raxles High-Performance Axles
*IPT-Built O1M 4-speed Automatic Transmission:
-Heat-Treated Internals (Strength)
-More and More Aggressive Clutches (better power holding)
-Re-worked Valve Body (firmer, faster shifts)
-Fluidyne External Trans Fluid Cooler
*R32 Lower Control Arm Bushings
*Self-Built Porsche Boxster front brakes http://www.newbeetle.org/forums/showthread.php?t=24373

Track & Autocross Setup:

*17"x7.5" et35 SSR Competitions (12.7lbs a piece) w.5mm spacers to clear brakes
*235-40-17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R

Other Mods:

*Dieselgeek aluminum skidplate (same as Beetle 'vert)
*European light switch
*Rear Foglight
*Hella Micro DE Fog Lights (waiting to be installed)
*Bestdubs.com 6000K HID kit

Accolades (in chronological order):

3rd place (NB Modified) 2005 Fall VW Show & Go
1st place (NB Modified) 2006 Spring VW Show & Go
1st place (Best New Beetle) 2006 Dub & Grub
3rd place (NB Modified) 2007 Spring VW Show & Go
1st place (Best New Beetle) 2007 Dub & Grub

Here is a link to my page on the old NB.org forum

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Here are pics of my mods when they were first installed...

Clear corners

Zimmermann rotors and EBC Green Stuff pads

Audi TT pedals, Turbo S dead pedal, GPA aluminum trim rings

Front Euro badge

Rear Euro badge and Turbo script badge

O-bar rear swaybar

Dieselgeek aluminum skidplate

No-Name downpipe

Eibach Pro-Kit springs

Neuspeed 25mm Front swaybar

Dahlback diverter valve

Engine with intake

Intake filter

Techtonics Tuning 2.5" cat-back

Turbo S Fender Liner

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Great job on mods! Batik is such a great color, too! :party:

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Nice! :goodjob:

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Omg!!!! Where Did You Get The Cai From???? And How Did You Find Space For It???
I made it :)

The lower half is 3" hose. The top is 3" stainless steel pipe. 3" K&N cone rounds it all out. I could tell you how to do it, but then I'd have to kill you.

This is a link to a sound clip I took of it:

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yelojkt said:
What kind of spoiler/wing are you considering?
I was looking into a european-only Votex rear spoiler, but the quote I got on it was pretty darn high. I think I may go with the Hofele rear spoiler. I want something small and subtle to go wit hthe rest of my car.

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So clean you could eat off it - SWEET RIDE!!


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Rear fog is wired and functional:goodjob:

It's not that hard of a job. Run a wire from the NSL tab on your euro-switch back to the bulb. Ground it. Enjoy! I am going to get halogen bulbs for the fog and reverse light to increase visibility, but all in all it's done and I love it.
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