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I see I'm not the only person with an O2 sensor problem, so here goes:

When I bought my Bug a year ago, I was having tranny issues and the mechanics that looked at it, also found O2 sensor code when they were looking at the transmission. They looked at the sensor and determined it was brand new. They removed the code and it ran all spring and summer without another sensor alert.

In the fall, I got another O2 sensor alert for the same sensor, cleared it and it ran for another 2 months, with no alert.

When winter came along, I got the same alert, cleared it, but this time it only lasted for a week or so before getting the same alert. I cleared it again, but it came back in only a couple of days. I checked it out, but did not clear the code as I figured it must have something to do with moisture or temperature or schmutz and it has been on all winter long.

Now however, it is time to get it inspected and I was told that, even if I cleared the code, that a sort of "phantom code" remains in the system for about 40 miles or so and would be reported to the state when I get my car inspected.

So, the question is, if my O2 sensor is brand new, is my assumption correct about the alert going off because of moisture or temperature and do I really need to replace it? Is there a way to clean it, or at least clean the surrounding area, to get it to stop going needlessly?


P.S. My Bug had around 88k on it when all this started happening anf it is now up to 94k.
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