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I've searched almost everywhere. (saying almost, because I'm hoping there IS somewhere I missed, that you guys/gals know about).
Anyway, for OEM/factory type mud flaps for my 2002 beetle.

I hate the generic bolt/screw/drill aftermarket ones.

Does anyone still sell/have OEM type beetle mud flaps?

tks in advance for any/all info.


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You might download; the sales brochure for this 2003 New Beetle (UK) and look at the end, for the Votex/VW accessories:


Front Part No. 1C0 075 111
Rear Part No. 1C0 075 101


Another source of accessories; was the old "Driver" magazine, used to be half magazine content and half accessories catalog:

As far as I can tell; they are good part numbers and VW dealers, are listing the part online. :)
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