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Jerk got rid of the NBC
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I have the OEM VW Base rack & car rack for sale.
Thing is someone(not me:(No seriously it wasn't me) drove into a garage with a bike on the roof rack :rolleyes:
It did more damage to the car then it did anything else.
Now I have sold my Beetle and have no use for the bike racks.
The base racks are fully fuctional with any damage not being visible once the rack is attached to the car.
Both bike racks do have damage but with some modifications work great.
I am asking $100Canadian so if you are interested...let me know.

This an offer for GTA Bugs only(or anyone who will drive to my home to pick these racks up) I will not send, deliver or drop these off. I had them listed on Ebay and the buyer(Moron) decided that shipping was just too much :rolleyes: so to save myself the stress and hassel I'm offering the racks to people in the GTA area only.

I also have a pair of NB beige Molded mats for sale. They are way better than monster mats and with the nasty weather around the corner they work great. Asking $40
I will be willing to ship these so if you are interested let me know your location and I will get you shipping rates.
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