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This is the Roswell2K 2021 official planning thread!

This is the information for the show, and will be constantly updated. Please return to this page to keep up to date on this great show, which will be celebrating its 20th anniversary!

WHEN: Friday June 18-20, 2021

WHERE: Roswell, New Mexico, USA

WHO: Head Alien, Howie Lipton

WHAT: Our biennial New Beetle event and car show

WHY: To celebrate our friendship and love for the VW New Beetle (1998-2019)

COVID-19 UPDATE: At this writing (beginning of September), the Canada/US border is still closed, and cases are still high in the US. I am expecting that things will be under control and things will get back to a new normal at or by the beginning of 2021. Planning is underway, and we might have to put safe protocols in place. I'm still hoping that the show will proceed.

Summary: The New Beetle show in Roswell started in the year 2000. New Beetles from Canada and the US came together in Roswell, NM to enjoy each other's company after the silver NB was featured in a VW TV ad, "reverse engineered by UFO's". Instead of just silver NBs attending, it was suggested that New Beetles of all 8 colours be allowed to attend. And so the show was born. The show has been featured in TV shows and magazines. We've participated in many different activities, including driving skills courses, a Drive-in theater, cavern tours, and swap meets. There are also various caravans from all over the country, and even Canada, so choose one and join the fun!

We have a website!!

Registration is now open! Register Here...

FACEBOOK PAGE: Return to Roswell - National New Beetle Show

Host Hotel information:
Baymont by Wyndham (previously Holiday Inn Express) will be the host hotel in Roswell
Just a few doors up from the old Sally Port, it is pet friendly (some of you wanted this from last year), and the rate is $69 plus taxes for king or double. Free wifi of course, plus hot buffet breakfast (as long as covid is over). The hotel is non-smoking, has plenty of parking, and there's a bbq area for our use on Sunday night hosted by JoAnne and Jim Estabrook.
Please call the hotel directly at 575-578-3582 and be sure to mention you're with the VW New Beetle group. Rochell Smiley is the GM. I've got 20 rooms reserved at the special price, but I can get more if those get booked. The special room rate is also for those arriving and/or leaving a day early/late.

Check back for updates.

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The UFO Museum once again has generously offered to sponsor the car show and awards.
They will host our car show on Saturday afternoon/evening, as well as a meet and greet on Friday from 4-5:30.
Free admission to the museum will also be provided to our group.

Schedule of Events

NOTE: For those of you arriving on Thursday, Friday is a chance to relax, clean your car, shop for alien goodies, and drive around town.
You might also want to go to Carlsbad Caverns, Bottomless Lakes, or other tourist places in the area.

Thursday Evening:
For those arriving Thursday, dinner will be at Peppers Restaurant, 500 N. Main St, a few blocks north of the UFO Museum. Enjoy yummy Mexican food and a margarita!
Dessert Social Info coming soon...

4-5:30pm - Meet and Greet at the Roswell UFO Museum, snacks provided, 114 N. Main St.
6:00pm - Dinner, Farley's Pub, 1315 N. Main St. (suggested location, but you are free to go anywhere or suggest an alternate).
9:00pm - Ice Cream Social at Classic's Frozen Custard and have some Alien Ice, a swirl, or a sundae, or both!, 3009 N. Main St.

Events list coming soon!
5:30-6:30 - Car Show setup, Roswell UFO Museum, 114 N. Main St.
7:00-9:00 - Hot Wheels Races/Barbie Beetle: Bring your fastest Hot Wheels, Prizes for top 3.
Customize and decorate your Barbie Beetle toy. Judging starts at 7pm and ends at 9:00.
9:00 - Start glowing up your Beetles to participate in the Glow Bug Cruise
9:30 - Glow Cruise up Main Street to the Host Hotel. Be sure to pack your bug before we leave the parking lot.
Then cruise back to Classic's for some more dessert goodies, and chatting with your Beetle Buddys!!

Raffle/Door Prize Request - please bring one VW, bug type item, alien, or regional item to share with others to the show so we can have it ready for the raffle at the Banquet. This has always been a fun sharing activity for the weekend!

11:30-2:00 - Banquet and awards presentation, El Toro Bravo, 102 S. Main St., next to the UFO Museum;
Mexican Buffet Lunch, slide show, and awards presentation.
Special buffet show price is $10 with drink (soda or tea), $9 without a drink, Kids $7
Evening: An informal get-together to wind down from all the fun; hosted by Jim and JoAnne Estabrook at the BBQ/patio area in the host hotel (Baymont). Everyone brings a salad or snack or drinks to share (please check to see what will be needed).

**Bring a Beetle toy or VW part, or souvenir from your city/state, and trade it for a raffle ticket.
Prizes to be drawn at the banquet.


Ok, get ready to prepare your car, Barbie Beetle, Budvase, and/or Hot Wheels car accordingly... here are the award categories! There will also be a couple surprise awards... not to be missed.

What will it cost?

Please start saving now!! You have almost 9 months to save up for the event. Stuff your change away in a jar... put away at least $20 a week and you'll be ok.
Host Hotel is about $70 a night, plus hotels to and from your home. Gas is now averaging about $2.25 a gallon for regular. You'll also need to make sure your car is serviced before the show. Plan for meals, snacks, drinks, and Alien souvenirs. The cost of the show is a $10 donation per car to help pay for miscellaneous expenses, like decals, swag, etc.

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Carabugging with a group of other Beetles produces lots of laughs when you pass through a town and everyone is playing punch buggy. It is also a safe and friendly way to get to Roswell with fellow friends. Many people normally would hate driving a couple days to the event a real bore, but it's lots of fun in a caravan, and the drive doesn't seem as long. So try to hook up with a caravan.

There is usually a Texas caravan, one from California, and another from Canada (CENTRAL!) that I lead. Central Caravan also cruises along parts of Historic Route 66, and note that we arrive on Thursday, giving us a day to relax, clean the cars, and tour around Roswell. Information about the CENTRAL Caravan will be posted soon...


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Show T-Shirts

Shirts will be designed, and will be sold at the show. Preordering is mandatory, which means there won't be many left over. Information and ordering will be posted closer to the show date. If you are unable to attend the show, you will still be able to order a shirt and have it shipped to you. Shirts are usually $20 each for short sleeves and regular sizes.

Please contact me if you have graphic design skills and want to create the show shirt!

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Roswell FAQs

1. What is Roswell2K?
Roswell2K is a biennial pilgrimage to Roswell, NM for owners of water-cooled New Beetles. It's a fun-filled weekend in June. The show started in 2000 after VW made a TV ad showing a spinning silver New Beetle, and the caption "Reverse Engineered from UFOs". Our early email list started talking about the ad, and someone suggested that the silver ones meet in Roswell, after-which, someone suggested all colours attend. The rest is history... upwards of 200 cars showed up the first year!! Roswell used to be a small town in the middle of the desert, but because of the UFO stories, and many groups like ours visiting, it's grown to be a large city with all the amenities you'll need. It still has a small town charm, and we are always excitedly welcomed by the locals who love seeing all our Beetles. Come and participate in the show's history!

Although the main theme of the show is the car, the Beetle, it's all about a family and friendly atmosphere. Many of us have been friends for the 20 plus years since the release of the New Beetle, and this is sort of like a family reunion!

2. Can I bring my old Dodge pickup truck?
Roswell2K has always been about getting together to celebrate the friendship and love of the VW New Beetle. It is only open to the VW New Beetle from 1998-2010, and now the newer Beetle, 2012 and up. Although most of us enjoy old cars and trucks, this show is dedicated only to the water-cooled Beetle, however we will enjoy being with people from previous years.

3. Are there awards? Does my NB have to be fancy?
This is a judged event, with trophies graciously provided by the Alien Museum. There are awards for both stock and modified cars, but judging isn't as strict as other car shows. The main thing is to bring your Beetle in any shape as long as it will make it there, have fun, and enjoy the show. There will be other fun awards like Best Budvase, Best Night Glow, Best Engine, and other surprise awards.

4. Ok, so what does it cost? Must be expensive.
Admission to Roswell2K is free, but there are expenses when putting on a show. Printing materials, decals, postage, insurance, whatever, add up, and a $10/car donation is appreciated to help with these costs. You will need money for fuel, hotel/motel stays to and from the show, and at the show, food, snacks, Alien souvenirs, t-shirts, parts, etc. Although it's not absolutely necessary, an FRS radio is recommended, both to communicate if you are planning to ride in a caravan, and to use in some events possibly. Also, due to popular demand, there's a banquet on Sunday noon to present awards and say goodbyes. There is a cost for lunch based on what the restaurant charges. There are usually people that are travelling alone that want to share a room and save money, so post your wishes below.

5. Can I help out?
Yes, although it might look easy, many talented people also help out in the planning and execution of a car show. We will need your talents, and we are also open to suggestions on events and planning. Again, we need a logo for the shirts and postcards. Just reply to the thread.

6. Roswell is such a long drive, and isn't it hot there?
Yes, the drive there is half the fun, especially on a caravan. If you've never been that way it's truly beautiful, especially compared to seeing trees and grass all the time. The final 20 mile drive into Roswell is truly remarkable. It is usually hot there, but the actual car show takes place in the evening. And it's a dry heat!

7. Will there be NB parts and toys sold there?
Yes, be sure to bring any extra spare parts and toys to sell during the car show. Reply to this thread with parts you have for sale so that others can respond to let you know they're interested in you lugging it all the way to the show for a reason.

8. Are there really aliens in Roswell?
Many of us have attended the show at least 10 times. Although we're not sharing if we've been probed or not, we do see some alien types in town, as well as strange antennas and buildings along the way. Come check out the phenomenon and experience it yourself, and then decide if you want to share! Come and be abducted! They say the truth is out there...

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It's always nice to know who to expect. Planning, especially hotel and dinner arrangements, is easier knowing the amount of people joining us.

Registration is now open!! Register Here...

1. Belinda Bierwirth. Roswell, NM. 2019 Safari "Cream Puff"
2. Mike Levy, Thousand Oaks, CA. 2019 Convertible, Silk Blue "Knewbug"
3. Tonia Bennett, Garland, TX. 2013, Black Fender "Fynn"
4. Shawn Henline, Bloomington, IN, 2017, Bottle Green "Emmett Kelly Green"
5. Duane Bennett, Garland, TX. 2007, Gecko Green "Abbie"
6. Nancy Nissen, CA, 2014 Convertible, Blue Jean, "Nanbug"
7. Howie Lipton, Ontario Canada, 2001 GLX, Techno Blue, "Sweetie"
8. Kat MacElwain, Las Vegas, NV, 2013, Red, "Ketch"
9. Antoine De Hon, Farmers Branch, TX, 2002 Tdi, "Marvin"
10. Tamara Melchert, Phoenix, AZ, 2013 Fender, "Jelly Bean"
11. Ana Hanamore, Rowlett, TX, 2019 Final, "Belle"
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