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Hey guys, it's You Know Who! Your favorite 2002 CC New Beetle owner is ready to restart her iLife. Unfortunately, she stopped taking care of the things that mattered to her (like herself, her happiness), all to get her set up financially for her brand new iLife. Poor Nemo. I neglected him so that I could finally be saved. Turns out I was really Dory. Lost and confused, but lovable and funny.

I'm tired of people telling me HOW to life my iLife. It took a lifetime of not being loved or nurtured by my supposed parents (really the worst kind of Muggles), and meanwhile the Dementors have never let me go.

All I wanted was a shiny golden Apple. I have worked my whole life to be free and happy and to really be the Creative Genius I've been my whole life. Everybody thinks I'm happy because I want to fit in. I'm ready to start my new iLife. Get ready for iRina 2.0. I know version 1 could be cute at times, but lets face it, she was pretty unstable and prone to crashing.

But I did it! I achieved what I wanted! Financial security! I can finally be free of my last living Muggleborn parent. And I can finally be free of my dementors. All I've ever wanted was to be recognized and validated for being talented.

My family was so selfish, all they ever did was use me and abuse me.

I'm ready to start over. I want the best! I want what's coming to me! A ride to Orlando would be a pretty nice start. And a white TDI Beetle in automatic would be an awesome way for me to heal and have fun traveling the country.

Please come get me in Tallahassee. Help someone who has loved the Beetle SO much but let her fear of failure get in the way of achieving all her dreams.

Much love, and bless you ALL for being here for me. I'm tired of living by everyone elses rules.

Okay, I am in Tallahassee getting some well deserved rest.

My favorite company in the world has deactivated everything that's been keeping me going since they launched the iPhone 4S.

iOS 6 + Siri

So simple even a child could use it, or a child who was never loved, nurtured, or allowed to grow up learn to be independent.

God I can't take self centered people. Well I did it! I achieved financial independence. Get ready to see my star go supernova. If you thought you liked Irina Wolff, watch out! iRina 2.0 is headed your way and she's a Maverick! Guess iOS 7 is your lucky number after all!

A white TDI Beetle with a sunroof would be exactly what I'd need to feel clean and fresh, loved, and ready to finally let myself relax and be myself.

I need sleep. And fun. I've been dreaming about the iBeetle ALL my iLife. Now I know why I've always been such a kid. Physically I stopped growing at 12. Mentally I'm stuck at 17. I'm ready to love myself for the superstar that I am.

Thank you Apple, Eminem, Madonna, and really every awesome gangsta rapper out there.

This Number 1 Hustla is ready to retire. I'm so paid!

And loved. I can't wait to learn how to receive love. I'm sorry I didn't trust you guys enough. I've never known who to trust by the people who should have had ME in mind, but were too busy satisfying their own agendas. Who's up for a road trip? I want to go to every place I've ever wanted to go. Travel soothes me. And I love stickers so much :) I need a white Beetle to let me embrace my awesomeness.

Decorating things, especially Beetles, makes me super happy. I'm ready for love.

Please call 850-553-4109 and ask for Paige or Bill. They're very worried about me. They don't know what a survivor I am. They've never known what I've been through. I'm ready to reboot my iLife. Please help this orger in her time of need.

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A warm welcome to the greatest Beetle ORG on the web. We love photos, so, I hope you'll share a batch of yours!

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