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Oil pressure light won't come off !!!

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My damm oil pressure light keeps coming on it come a couple months ago but I changed the oil pressure sensor and it went away till now again ! I bought a new sensor and a new harness and still will come on once I hit 20 mph it's starts beeping and flashing . The oil level is where it should I already checked for gunk and nothing I took the oil pan out and it was clean oil changes have been made every 3000 miles and i always like to do a flush before I change it I also tried some sea foam for a couple miles to clean it but I'm still getting the light Its REALLY annoying !!! Please help!
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Have you checked the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge. You can check it where the pressure sender screws into the block.

That will tell if it is the sender or a serious problem with either the pick-up or the pump.

it may need a new oil pump, but you will have to check the oil pressure to see.

If it were mine I would not be driving it until I knew the oil pressure was good and the fault was a bad sensor.
same problem

Had the same problem with my 2002 it was the screen on the oil filter in the pan. The dip stick tube crumbled and some of the plastic had fallen into the oil and stuck to the screen. If I was doing about 20 to 25 it was ok but above that the oil light and alarm would come on. Had it taken care of but problem would come back. Long story short ended up having to replace the engine because cam shaft locked up and couldn't be sure that the engine wasn't damaged too.
Oil pressure light on

Did you check the oil pickup screen to make sure it was clean? They seem to get plugged with sludge and gunk and no cleaner is going to clean it. I had the same problem and a new pickup tube and screen fixed it. Good luck
It's pretty easy to get the oil pans off of these cars. I agree with everyone who answered and would not drive it anymore. Would check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge and then drop the oil pan to check the screen on the pickup tube. I own both a 1.8 and a 2.0 and have had the oil pans off both with ease. Unlike a lot of engines the front and rear seals are above the oil pan so there is no risk of making either of the two leak by pulling the pan. If the oil light is just winking there is a good chance that nothing is damaged. But if you continue to drive it with the oil light on it will kill the engine.
There is also some strange thing these engines do about monitoring the oil pressure.

Most of the problems with the clogged oil pick up would occur when first taking off from a stop and usually at RPM below 2500-3000. As I recall the oil light will come on and the beep will be constant.

There is some other thing that happens once the engine gets above 2500-3000 RPM or like above 25 MPH where the oil light will come on and the beeper will only beep 3 times, but the light will stay on.

Still trying to track down the difference, found some basic data, but it was a bit vague.
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