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2001 beetle 2.0 avh

car came to me originally and presented with the following. rich condition lean condition maf signal low input and the epc light was on.

diagnosed bad maf. car came back 3 weeks later. new codes crank sensor signal, maf sensor high input, ecm processor malfunction.

checked wiring grounds to pcm were fine. crank sensor was fine no intermintent problems.

replaced pcm and most of the codes went away. but the maf sensor is reading 14g/s at idle and i cant find anything with a vacuum leak. and now it presents with a dieing problem. it has a rough idle and when its cold it will die out when u come to a complete stop. seems lately though after it warms up it will idle but its a bit rough. when u take your foot off the gas the idle drops below 500 but comes right back then fluctuates for a minute. and returns to normal.

crank sensor is fine. checked wiring. no leaks. new maf. new pcm.

i am so lost i dont know what else to [email protected]!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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