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Was a pretty decent lil show , Spent the day with Jerry ( Bugman ) N Dennis ( dmbluebeetle) . enjoyed some cool cars & idol chitchat :D


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I got there way early (like an hour) and was the first to register in the show, so they parked me in the back and under a tree.

The registration booth.

Awards they were handing out

How big of a lawn chair do you really need?

Who wants to play?

Found this out in the parking lot

Yes, It's a color Concept

Also out in the parking lot

This was for sale asking $900 obo

Another view of Darth Passat

a sign on the back door of a Westy

There were as many vehicles out in the parking area as there were in the show.

A T-Top Super Beetle, there were snaps that held a cover on.
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