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I purchased a VAG scanner through an online source and had a very negative experience so thought I'd give a heads-up. A member had a recommendation in their signature block and I had hoped that meant they were a good source. The vendor, Right Tool USA, also known as TRA innovations, sold me the scanner and on the web site it says that the scanner is good for Volkswagens and Audis from a certain date and newer and that it's upgradeable. When I received the scanner I followed the instructions in the owner's manual, went to the manufacturer's website (Autel) and couldn't find anything on the scanner so sent a request to Autel for info on how to update the scanner, an Autel VAG 405. After not receiving a reply I sent emails to two different addresses listed on their website. One responded telling me I had to use the other so I forwarded that to the second address. Finally, 50 days after the purchase and multiple attempts to contact Autel, Autel responded that the scanner was a very old obsolete model and no longer supported. They suggested an upgrade to a newer model so that I could read recent and current vehicles. I requested a return and Right Tool USA told me they wouldn't accept it. I filed a claim with Paypal and they said there was a 45 day limit for Paypal claims. Since I was able to clearly document everything Paypal did agree to issue a partial credit, which was very good of them. Bottom line is that anyone considering a purchase from Right Tool USA should think twice since they are selling obsolete items that they won't stand behind, and the same with any Autel product since they have terrible customer support.
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