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For the very few of us who have found a door for some reason cannot be opened, by any other method.

My horror story was a mix of mis-installing the bowden cable between the interior lever on the door card and the latch (too tightly), and unseating the cable end from the exterior door handle. In combination this gave me a door latch which would not exit deadlock, then when it could (when the bowden cable gave way(!) there was nothing to get hold of to open the latch.

So, there are a set of pictures showing the gruesome truth of drilling out the bolts which hold the striker plate in place to the B frame.

The short write up would be
Remove interior rear panel
Cut off exposed part of bolt
Centre punch the retained part of each bolt then drill out the bolt
When small enough, push through and then re-open door, striker plate will come out attached to the latch mechanism.

This procedure took me around 6 hours in a car park with a cordless drill, I have worked in the trade but not qualified.

The photos should be self explanatory

This image shows the nasty incompletely destroyed threaded area, this is TOO LONG to slip backwards into the cavity between the door and door jamb, so has to be bashed about a bit but this is Stainless Steel so takes a careful balance between bashing and damaging the paint on the door, and not bending back enough of the residue to clear the door. I added a scratch into the paint on the door jamb (dammit)

Its not a pretty sight, sorry
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