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Hello, my Beetle family! We are beginning to plan a Florida driving event for all Beetles 98 and up. The Orange Blossom Beetle Rallye will debut in 2019 and is an event inspired by the amazing TOD Beetle events held in North Carolina. Because of the great time I had with everybody at TOD in 2017 I wanted to bring some of that magic down here in Florida. I have made calls to a few of our fellow enthusiasts to join forces to create this event. If you are interested in attending a Florida event we are planing on having it in late February of 2019. The dates ae still tentative. For those out of state folks, average temperatures here in Florida in February have highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's. Although, we do on occasion have fronts that put us in the 80s or in the 60s. But suffice to say, it's not likely to be freezing! Lets get the discussion started.

The Orange Blossom Beetle Rallye is a VW driving experience that begins in the beautiful town square of San Antonio, Florida. San Antonio is a quaint little historic town that is close to another beautiful town, Dade City. The drive takes you on over 50 miles of amazing country roads throughout Pasco county. These roads provide some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Florida! On this drive, you will experience the beauty of rolling hills, lush forests, sprawling farm land, beautiful lakes and valleys, and of course, orange groves. But it doesn’t end there. You will also feel the adrenaline rush of many exhilarating twists and turns throughout the ride. The Orange Blossom Beetle Rallye offers an energizing, scenic drive that few in Florida will ever get to experience.
How I planned this route: I love to drive my Beetle! I also love great scenery. So, the driving experience had to meet very specific criteria. 1. The roads had to offer incredible views with twists, turns, hills and valleys, and offer scenery that Floridians rarely see. 2. The roads had to be paved and in good condition, so any VW could drive them 3. The route had to be fun and memorable! Over a period of a few months I traversed miles of roads and spent many hours mapping multiple routes until I came up with what I think is the perfect ride. It doesn’t matter if you drive a 1998 or a 2018 Beetle. It doesn’t matter if you bring a lifted Bug or a slammed low rider. If you enjoy driving your Beetle you will enjoy the Orange Blossom Rallye!

If you are on facebook we will be opening up the event page once final details have been made. Since this is in the planning stages feel free to head over to facebook to see what our event will be built upon. is a driving event that I put together and hosted in February of 2018. We had nearly 40 VWs show up for the first ride and everyone I spoke to said the drive was amazing! While the Trail drive is open to all VWs, the Orange Blossom Beetle Rallye will focus on Beetles from 98 to present (water-cooled). I'm sharing the Wagens page because the route for our drive will almost be the same.

The original planning thread can be found here. Please click below.


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