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Hate or had bad experiences with Sylvania Silverstars? Listen up.

Okay, I have known for a long time, that Oshram halogen bulbs are far superior to Oshram Sylvania bulbs. Oshram bought Sylvania and markets bulbs under both names.

I recently received this comment from a fellow Orger when I questioned his source for the Oshrams.

"The Osrams are in the high beams positions; the Sylvanias are in the low beams position. Originally I had them in all four positions, but one of the low beams burned out and I needed to get replacements quickly. There is a pronounced difference in the beams produced by the bulbs and the Sylvanias are significantly inferior. (Even my wife commented on the difference...)

I purchase the Osrams from this site: They are set up for US residents to easily purchase their products; have free shipping and I generally get my order within 10 days.


I also have the information from a professional who is in the automotive lighting consulting business confirming the superiority, although his comments are more to longgevity that brightness. Daniel is a personal acquaintenance.
Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply

A phenominal read all about automobile lighting!

From every forum (not the Org) I have read, these are the best in the industry.

Not here to discuss the good or bad, just looking for sources anyone may have for these bulbs that they have dealt with (the sources, not the bulbs). I know how to use Google, that's not what I'm looking for.

Guys and Gals, any help?

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