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some pics of my other VW's Bunny the 84 Rabbit convertible I have had since Sept 99 her odometer is broken at 148k has been that way for long time she probably has close to 200k on her she is completely original with the exception of the European spec grill with the driving lights and Euro duck bill spoiler she has absolutely no rust and has never been in a accident no body work done! She is a fantastic fun car!! other past h2o cooled cars were
12 2dr Golf United Grey(Grey)
09 2dr Rabbit Uni Black (Jack Rabbit)
06 4dr Golf Candy White (Candy)
98 Red New Beetle(Newbie)
91 4dr Golf tan (EBeater)bought on ebay
90 2dr Fox red (Timex) ticked like crazy but never quit running
83 White GTI
86 red Jetta GLI ( Little red Nazi)


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Love it !! I have a 85 Wolfsburg edition cabriolet :cool:
Thanks nothing like a little top down sun therapy here in Ohio!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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