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Foreign Exchange Orger
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Translated from Dutch:

To trumpet
Set bricks
Work to be done
Knitting a brown sweater
Sanitary relaxing
Drown a (brown) bear
Walk Brownie
Blowing your spine
Eating the other way around
Making a brown tie
Modelling a dino
Roar from my little star
Stretching my spine
Making an analysis
Coughing out of the pants
Coughing out of your butt
Downloading (my favorite)
Having everything behind your back(side)
To hoe the hemeroids
Building a logcabin
Pay the sewertaxes
Gosh, I didn't know I had it in me..
It was 2 times flushing again
It's already sticking out its tongue
Bringing an offer to the WC-gods
I'm going to reign over the porcelin throne
Blowdry the hemeroids

Yes Amy, it's hard to get rid of this :D
With this I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings...

Send Money
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Mazzzja said:
Blowdry the hemeroids

Er.. That one looks like AIR is involved.. or rather, methane :)

I Luv CGB!!!
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At first I thought Amy started this thread and then Suprise.... Mazzzja!!!
Well how about the obvious
-Pinching a loaf
-Dropping a Load
Oh excuse me I've got to go read the paper in my office!:D

I like the "downloading" one too.

<-----No More Beetle :(
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I love you guys! :hugkiss:


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A guy I worked with a few years ago said " I gotta go drop the Cosby kids off at the pool" I didn't get it at first, I was confused because he started running, it took me about 5 minutes......he must have had to go bad.

I also overheard a little girl in the grocery store one day , say to her mother as she was tugging at her pantleg, " Mommie, I gotta go poopie on the pottie"

Debs here!
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Drop the bomb
Making chocolate
Number 2
Go grunt grunt
Do stinky
Get a load off
"I just died in there"
"I gotta go stink it up"

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When I was in the Army, we use to say, "jumper in the door!" I absolutely love the scene in Austin Powers when Fat Bastard shows up though. The lines out of that scene can't be repeated on here.:rotfl:
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