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Is anybody familiar with upstream oxygen sensor for European model and north american model, if there is any difference. I have a 2000 volkswagen beetle turbo with 1.8 liter engine with aph engine code. I have also a Delphi oxygen sensor Es10921 from Rock Auto but somehow labelled for European model. I like to use in on my car for Canadian driving but not sure if there is any difference in emission standards.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Delphi, has a parts catalog online; it only lists one part number but doesn't seem to show a front sensor, only "rear": this is for north america:

Brand: Delphi
Part #: ES20168
Oxygen Sensor

Position: Rear

1.8L L4 1781cc
APH Desig.
Actual OE Part

Automotive Aftermarket Catalog - MyCarParts

I tried their online European catalog but couldn't get it to work.

Delphi WebCat

You might contact Delphi and see if they can help:

Contact Us

A quick google search with that Delphi part number hits a number of vendors; o'rielly's lists that sensor as being compatible with the following: (NOTE: it doesn't list the engine code APH in the listing)

1 vehicles2001Beetle
L4 - 1.8L 1781cc type AWV - MFI GAS DOHC Turbo-charged
2 vehicles2003 - 2004Beetle GLX
L4 - 1.8L 1781cc type AWV - MFI GAS DOHC Turbo-charged
2 vehicles2001 - 2002Beetle Sport
L4 - 1.8L 1781cc type AWV - MFI GAS DOHC Turbo-charged
3 vehicles2002 - 2004Beetle Turbo S
L4 - 1.8L 1781cc type AWP - MFI GAS DOHC Turbo-charged

Another site lists cross reference for that Delphi part # as equievelent to: OEM# 021906262B
Standard Motor Products (SMP)# SG897
Bosch# 17014

If this is the case; the above Bosch part # doesn't seem to be the right one, thus the Delphi isn't the right one either. This is just what I am seeing online; you might call Rock Auto to confirm but it wouldn't surprise me that they sent you the wrong one. I think I would just buy one locally and return the other one, seems the one you want is a Bosch 17353.

I don't know about Canada; here in the USA, I just buy Bosch branded 02 sensors, which is what the brand was from the VW factory. I go online to their website; look up the part number and just buy it locally, in my case at Autozone.

In this case; bosch lists these two sensors below:

Oxygen Sensor Upstream
APH Eng.
1 per car More Info
Oxygen Sensor Downstream
APH Eng.
1 per car More Info

Hope this helps; you can look at the bosch catalog here:

Bosch Vehicle Part Finder
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