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Good morning all! I was wondering if i could ask for some help. I had purchased the beetle above a few weeks ago with a view of getting it back on the road. The previous owner had cut out the cat and bodged what was an exhaust onto it and I've now replaced both the catalytic converter piece and the mid section with the proper parts (hopefully detailed in the pics).

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So firstly - the cat that ive got seems to have 2 ports for O2 sensors (so should i move the sensor above to the rearmost port as its meant to be the post cat o2 sensor?) and then i need to blank or bung the other port as shown below.

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Secondly, its running really rough and throwing up code P0135 (as below)
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On looking through the forums, it indicates that the issue resides with the Pre-Cat O2 sensor closest to the engine. Am i right in saying that its the one thats in the area circled in red below that has the black connector plug as opposed to the red plug?
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Sorry for the terrible photos folks, all taken while the car was on axle stands and wriggling underneath :)

I really appreciate any help that you lovely people can provide!
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