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P0204 code PLZ Help!

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just bought 04 NBC GLS for our daughter check engine light came on pulled code P0204.. so first off replaced coils, plugs cleared code and it came right back my husband is very mechanic minded and has already switched the #3 & #4 coils and the code did not change it still read #4 misfire and also did the same with the injectors with same result code of P0204 #4 misfire so we know the coil and injector are good because the code didn't move to #3 misfire.. then he tested the compression for all 4 cylinders and all are good he also tested the injector plug and it's good.... now we are stumped!!! any help is greatly appreciated :)
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P0204 Volkswagen Injector Circuit Open Cylinder 4 OBDII Engine Light Trouble Code | Engine-Codes.com

Hey, based upon the code; it would point to the fuel injector for cylinder #4. Sounds like you have tried to work with the injector and it hasn't changed. One way to test the harness; is to buy or rent a "noid" light kit. These lights; shows that the injector/harness, are getting the electricity from ecu. These are available for sale or rent from most auto parts stores.


Otherwise, here is the VW repair manual; that have the injector troubleshooting specs and procedures, stey by step. Click on "next" to go to the next page; there are quite a few pages for the fuel injector troubleshooting process. On a very basic level; checking the injectors for resistance; compared to all the others, would be a basic good test. Read the manual; for more info and hopefully, after completing the steps, you will know what the problem is.


PS: if you remove the injectors; be sure to the replace the seals and also check the plastic "seats" for cracks, cracked seats are a common problem. Here is a thread; showing them being replaced with metal upgraded seats but the principles are the same.


Keep us informed; as your troubleshooting and repair progresses! Lets get this thing fixed! :)
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Thank you for the quick response :) he has checked the injector, the harness, and the electric connections and all check out good and those are the only possible causes I read in the link.. unless I misread or do u think its possible that the problem is in the ECM?
Sorry it was only showing me the link i didn't see the rest of your post until after I responded lol.. he did do the resistance test and all 4 have exact same compression he tested the harness and injector and all the plugs with a multi meter and voltage read same on all 4 do u think using the multi meter is accurate or does the noid light make a difference?
A noid light; is a easy visual way to see if the harness/electricity is present and going to the injector.

Did he follow the manual and check everything; according to factory specs? What about a noid light; does the light flash, when connected to the harness... showing it is getting electrical pulses from the ecu?

I would print out ALL the manual pages related to the fuel injection testing procedures and follow each testing procedure to the letter, confirming things step by step. Your troubleshooting results will be based on hard cold FACTS; from the testing procedures, this will point to the problem. You have to test things in a methodical way; to find the problem. The ecu; could be the problem but you need to troubleshoot/test; to confirm the source of the problem.
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