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So my car has been throwing this code now for a few weeks, reset it many times, filled up a couple of times, still get it on the second day of running (strangely not always the first)

First stop was obviously the gas cap, tried 4 and it still comes on, We then took the whole rear inner wheel arch out and swapped the whole canister purge pump assembly for a known good one, still throwing the code, visibly checked the top of the fuel tank, all looks like brand new.

Today I decided to check the purge valve (behind the water bottle) I wired it straight to 12V and it opens and closes without any hesitation (I did this because I was informed a blocked purge valve can throw the same code as a gross leak).

So before I fork out for a smoke test somewhere is there anything I am missing that I could check? A complete visual inspection under and above has been done. I have read many posts about the subject and think I have missed nothing.

The car starts and runs perfect except for one thing, when I get a mile down the road from first start it almost cuts out at the lights, a massive dip in revs and back up instantly.

No other codes.
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